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Giving event organizers the power of smart ticketing

We are eliminating the issues of traditional ticketing

Fee Gouging

90% of tickets are marked up before they ever reach event goers.

Snubbed artists

Ticket prices are marked up 150% on average. 0% goes to artists and venues.

Transfer risk

There’s no sure way to identify duplicates and fraudulent tickets.

Weak event navigation

Fan experiences often start confusingly and end abruptly.

We are resetting the playing field

realticket shifts the power to the people, where it belongs

Group of people in a music festival

Event organizers enjoy advanced control with the realticket Total Event Control Platform

Control over

for event goers

Event mapping
and navigation

RealBackup eliminates
the fear of lost tickets

Real-time metrics
customer analytics

Control over

for event goers

Event goers finally enjoy an epic experience from purchase through performance

No duplication with safe and fair resale

Paperless for the planet

Transparent transaction and fees

POAP (proof of attendance protocol)

All born of and backed by blockchain technology

2 iphones displaying the user interface

It’s time to go live

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